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Meet the girls!

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Meet Isabelle Palmer

Girl of the Year® Isabelle Palmer is a talented girl who loves to dance! She and her friend Luisa attend a performing arts school and take dance classes together every day.

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Meet Nicki Fleming

Girl of the Year® Nicki Fleming is a natural with animals. Growing up at the Twilight Ranch keeps her busy, and Nicki’s favorite activity is going for a ride on her horse, Jackson.

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Meet Grace Thomas

Girl of the Year® Grace Thomas is an ideas girl. Whether she’s inventing a new recipe or brainstorming ways to build a business, Grace is always dreaming up the next big thing.

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Meet Saige Copeland

Girl of the Year® Saige Copeland expresses herself through art. She’s a spirited girl who loves spending time in the art studio, especially when she can draw and paint horses.

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Meet Mckenna Brooks

Girl of the Year® McKenna Brooks loves gymnastics! She dreams of being a champion, and knows that practicing and staying positive will help her reach her goals. And have fun, too!

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